5 Minutes Against 5 Years

When was the last time you felt like going back to sometime back to change something you said, the way you behaved etc.? Did something minor (which seemed like a major accident back then of course) kept your mind preoccupied for an unhealthy amount of time and at times, you even felt embarassed or angry for those incidents? Well, it happens to all and with dedicated efforts, one can overcome such habits which wastes your time and emotional energy.

The trick is: Before allowing your thoughts to linger on a subject, think if it will matter in around 5 years’ time. If not, don’t spend even 5 minutes on that subject. And most of the time, this will be the actual scenario i.e. most of the incidents won’t be relevant in 5 years’ time.

The challenge that needs to be overcome through practice is how to stop your train of thoughts from veering into the unnecessary direction for a prolonged period of time while handling all the associated emotions. But with practice, this becomes much easier.

Your time is valuable and once gone, it never comes back. So protect your time and energy ferociously and live life.

See you tomorrow!!!

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