Love, Actually

Disclaimer: This is not a romantic post 😄

Our mind constructs ideas about a subject based on information from prior discussions, general perception and opinion of other people as well as the perks and benefits associated. More often than not, these are the factors setting our expectation for a subject even before we had our first interaction. And based on these same factors (esp. about the standing of the subject as per other people’s opinion along with the awesome perks), we at times fall in love with the subject without even knowing anything concrete about it.

In reality, we do not fall in love with a subject based on other people’s opinion, we fall in love with their views towards the subject. And also, more than having a liking towards the primary task involved in the subject, we are enamoured with the benefits associated with that field. And without understanding about the same, we end up practicing the common perception fallacy leading to decisions we may later regret in life.

On the other hand, we are, at times, at a place where we are content with the actual work we are doing yet find it lacking when comparing it to the work we think we love. This is the second error we can do in taking a life decision. Our experience, expertise and knowledge about a subject should not be trumped over by the myriad proposed benefits of a “dream” work. These subjects are, in fact, what we “actually” love, knowingly or unknowingly. And the same fact can be realised if we compare our current work with the “dream” work, stripping away all the other factors like perks and benefits, people’s opinion, social standing etc. And it is important to do such a bare-bone comparative analysis prior to taking any decision in life because during the post-decision stage, our true happiness and contentment will depend on the primary work to be done in any field and our competency, knowledge and fit for the same. At that time, the perks and benefits, though helpful (people’s opinion are not), will not be making a meaningful contribution to these aspects of our life.

So, in short, it is important to be actually in love with anything in place of just being in love.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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