Being Kind, To Yourself First

Kindness is a virtue only the strong can muster to practice in all circumstances. Being kind to people in all states of mind is hard but necessary because we never know what each person is going through. Yet kindness to others can be shown only if one is kind with oneself.

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

Often ignored or misunderstood, being kind to yourself is not an option but an obligation for each human being. Without kindness towards self, one can never be at peace with the state of her/his existence. Acceptance of what has gone through and kindness of where one is without the shackles of anxiousness for tomorrow is the key to being at peace and harmony with one’s existence.

Being kind to self
As mentioned above, acceptance of what has been and what is the first step but being non-judgemental about the same is the necessary follow-up step to practice kindness. Accepting without judgement helps in avoiding being harsh to one’s past actions, actions one can never change but can choose to re-enact or actively avoid if it is against one’s principle.

The second step is to understand the current state one is in and adopt an attitude of self-forgiveness for what has gone by. Then the person should practice non-repetition of actions repented, form new, positive habits towards self-development and work slowly but progressively towards a better future. It will take time and it will take effort but everything will be worth it in the end.

Why being kind to self is so important?
The first and foremost reason is being in peace with the state a person one is. Being harsh on one’s past action comes easy to people, be it oneself or someone else. And this leads to anger and dissatisfaction. And overcoming it with kindness is the only way forward if one hopes to achieve tranquility with one’s existence.

The second reason is to makes progress over just existing in life. Life will present opportunities time and again across different periods. Perceiving the same to act upon requires an open mind, free of judgement and a calm mindset. And being kind is the avenue towards the same.

The third reason is to move past the failures. In life, failure is a frequent friend while success is a well-wisher. Being able to overcome failure while learning from the same is necessary but at the face of it, many people succumb to the negative emotions associated. The antidote to this is being kind with one’s past actions and working with tranquility towards the future, one step at a time.

Life goes on no matter what. It is upto you what you make of it despite all the circumstances. And being kind to oneself is the first step towards a better life.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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