Be Relentless

Upon finding some craft you love or excel at, daily deliberate practice is the way to reach the top. But to remain at the top, consistency is required. But to become someone unbeatable in the field, relentlessness is required esp. once one reach the top.

To be relentless in this context is to keep pushing oneself forward, continuing daily rigorous practice and trying to improve the craft, irrespective of the top position one is in. When on top, it is easier to fall. With consistency, falling down becomes harder. But with relentless pursuit on improving the craft and creating the best work then yesterday is a sure shot way of etching one’s name permanently in that spot.

Take Cristiano Ronaldo for example, he is the perfect living example of this journey. He found the sport he excelled at, worked hard to reach the top, trained consistently to remain the best player over the years and has been relentless at the top till the day. He keeps on pushing himself physically, mentally and training hard with focus and rigor, without stopping, without pausing. And this relentlessness has turned him from the best player to a legend in the field of soccer.

When being relentless, the focus is not on how ahead one is ahead of her/his competition, it is rather directed forward towards achieving a new goal at a greater height. And the unspoken phenomenon that happens for that person is that while she/he is being propelled ever forward in their level of mastery, they also have sight of goal which their competitors never have till they reach the person’s position. So none can compete for a goal that is invisible. This the underlying reason that takes the relentless person to an almost undefeatable position. Also, relentlessness gives the person insight into new knowledge previously not conceived. Because of all the past knowledge and mastery that person has acquired in that field that new avenues of wisdom opens upto her/him.
So, wherever you are at life, be at the top, the middle or the bottom, always be relentless. It is the only way to progress from the best to a legend.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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