Ingenuity of Apple’s M1 Chip

Apple’s recent transition to the M1 chip architecture is a technical marvel on many aspects. Keeping aside its many lauded features, two particular enablers this chips brings to the user experience that proves the genius of Apple in the consumer tech industry are:

Instant Opening of Applications: Apps optimised for the M1 Chip architecture opens almost instantly, just like on an iPhone device. This snappy experience will only drive the usage of MacBooks higher than before. Previously, we opt for using the mobile phone for many instances (I’m not referring to any pro-level stuff here), aside from its portability, is the snappy experience with the mobile applications. Enabling the same on a laptop is and will change the way a laptop is perceived for many day-to-day activities like browsing the web, emails etc. Plus, it further streamlines the user experience across Apple devices so that people have to least adapt to working on something if they switch between Apple devices. With this device, Apple is redefining the laptop as a more capable yet the same snappy extension of an iPhone or an iPad.

Great Battery Life: While MacBooks have always enjoyed good battery life since the last few years, the gains in battery life on the M1 chip is something rare in the tech industry. But aside from dazzling people with its stamina, the underlying story solidifying the utility of a MacBook is this feature in conjunction to its mobile-replicated app usage experience. Combination of both these features further pushes the MacBook as an iPhone, Apple’s out used device, extension rather than just another Mac.

As they had previously proved, Apple’s dominance in the consumer tech sector, arises from their ability to refine and contextualise the bleeding edge of technology to everyday use cases, a feat no other company has been able to replicate at this scale with such high degree of success. In case of the M1 Chip, they re-engineered the very core of a computing device to redefine it, albeit subtlety, for greater user experience while pushing it to a new category of consumer technology, a category they had till date tasted the greatest success from, the iPhone.

Thank you for your time.

See you tomorrow!!!

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