Bouncing Back Strong: Unleashing the Power of Mental Resiliency

The alarm goes off and you wake up to a new day. The very first event that greets you can be the serene silence embracing you or the roaring sound of a drilling machine on the nearby pavement. Depending on the scenario, you either start getting ready for the new ready slipping into your comfy,Continue reading “Bouncing Back Strong: Unleashing the Power of Mental Resiliency”

Impact over Intention

John buried himself in work day and night with the intention of financially securing his family. Diana, his wife, went into depression out of solitude and feeling unappreciated by her inattentive husband. This scenario perfectly depicts the topic of this blog-John had good intentions for his family yet at the cost of adversely affecting hisContinue reading “Impact over Intention”

Kindness Through Referrals

The world needs kindness, it always has, it always will. And the avenues to provide it is infinite, it all comes down to the intention and the will to follow it up with concrete action. A smile towards a random stranger can be the easiest act of kindness while a few words of understanding orContinue reading “Kindness Through Referrals”

Disconnecting from People

As we go through different phases of life, we are presented with new opportunities and, with it, face new challenges. In our efforts of overcom8ng all the hurdles and getting to where we are, we undergo a shift in perspective and mindset. And this changes everything right from how we view our wants to whatContinue reading “Disconnecting from People”

Practicing an Objective Mindset

Our happiness and sadness, courage and fear, feeling energized or drained all comes from our mindset. How we perceive a situation or a task is how it impacts us internally. So, while practicing a positive mindset is always a big plus, the very act of practicing such a mindset may, at times, require effort andContinue reading “Practicing an Objective Mindset”

The Genius of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Note: This is an appreciation post for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, commonly referred to as MCU. MCU, the biggest name in the film industry at the moment, it has pulled off a feat no one has been able to do in recent times. It took some unknown superhero characters and launched a cinematic universe unparalleledContinue reading “The Genius of the Marvel Cinematic Universe”