The Macbook ahead of its time | Daily Blog. 01 May, 2021

When talking about the 12-in Macbook, the focus of discussion besides its brilliant hardware engineering, are the flaws that plagued it. The controversial butterfly keyboard was outright dismissed by many, complaining about its design-over-functionality approach and lack of tactility. The other complaint was the lackluster performance of the Intel m-series processors coupled with a fan-less designContinue reading “The Macbook ahead of its time | Daily Blog. 01 May, 2021”

Mozart in the Jungle | Daily Blog. 30 Apr, 2021

To places where the mind takes you. After wrapping up the last episode of Invincible (which was amazing btw), was just exploring the catalogue of Amazon Prime Videos when I came across this new series called “Mozart in the Jungle” (MinJ). And now I’m hooked to this gem of a series. The way the cinematographyContinue reading “Mozart in the Jungle | Daily Blog. 30 Apr, 2021”

Consulting | Daily Blog. 30 Apr, 2021

Being a consultant, some of the realizations I’ve had for this practice is: Critical thinking is the name of the game. Lucid, concise communication (not to be confused with accent, vocabulary or how speed a person can speak) is the bedrock for moving ahead with a project. In many instances, be it verbally or overContinue reading “Consulting | Daily Blog. 30 Apr, 2021”

Daily Blog. 28 Apr, 2021

Reflecting on the last few days, one thought that is preoccupying my mind at the moment is consistency and discipline. When I started running in the morning back in Dec, this first act has been setting my day up in a consistent manner-physically and from a mindset perspective. But lately, owing to the ongoing pandemic,Continue reading “Daily Blog. 28 Apr, 2021”

Daily Blog. 27 Apr, 2021

Waking up at around 5 AM after an almost sleepless night, I went out for a morning walk. Times have changed with pandemic-the sight of people (fellow morning walkers) has become a sight of concern. Running has to be refrained as running wearing a mask is quite difficult. On reaching home after around 1.5 hours,Continue reading “Daily Blog. 27 Apr, 2021”

Daily Blog. 26 Apr, 2021

The days are getting hotter with each passing day. While bathing right after waking up/post work out was a habit of mine, now it has become a necessity in an effort to coolly start the day. Starting the work day with a free schedule was an unexpected breeze (most of the meets got delayed/cancelled). UtilizingContinue reading “Daily Blog. 26 Apr, 2021”

Daily Blog. 25 Apr, 2021

So started the morning, at 9 AM for me-late and to a sunny weather. Freshening up, we decided to do a visit to one of our sister’s home who recently shifted to a new home. At around 11 AM, me and the lil boss got ready, bought some food for cooking at lunch and wentContinue reading “Daily Blog. 25 Apr, 2021”

Daily Blog. 24 Apr, 2021

Waking up to a sunny (and hot) morning, I started my day with some ongoing onboarding activities that had been going on since the last few weeks. After around an hour, mum came upstairs for some work and scolded me for sitting in front of the laptop even on a weekend and asked me toContinue reading “Daily Blog. 24 Apr, 2021”

Daily Blog. 23 Apr, 2021

The day started off with a pleasant morning run. On our (my baby brother went for a run with me) way home, we dropped by a local convenience store to pick up some cold drinks and snacks for the day-quite a way to start the day healthy 😝. Post bath and my daily supplements, connected withContinue reading “Daily Blog. 23 Apr, 2021”

Daily Blog. 22 Apr, 2021

Waking up at around 9 AM I realized I missed an early call scheduled at around 8:30 AM. Luckily, the client was kind enough to reschedule the call to 9:30 AM which I attended right after brushing my teeth. The session with the client went in a pretty productive manner. Disengaging from work, I hadContinue reading “Daily Blog. 22 Apr, 2021”