Taking Risk For What You Love

Anything worth doing carries the two-sided coin of success and failure. Success is never guaranteed just as failure is never final. A lot comes down to hard work and luck. When faced with taking a decision between two choices, even if after the flip of a coin, it is difficult to decide on what youContinue reading “Taking Risk For What You Love”

Using Demotivation As Opportunities For Progress

Not everyday is a sunny day for us. There are days when we feel demotivated, lazy and lost. In days like these, we start doubting their capability and fear clouds our judgement. But these are the days that actually test how badly we want something and what we are willing to do to get it.Continue reading “Using Demotivation As Opportunities For Progress”

The Journey Of Starting Something New

What is the experience you remember when you started something new the last time? Was in enthralling, frustrating, messy, elation? Was it all of them and more? For most, the answer would be the latter i.e. the experience of starting something new was motivating yet hard, feeling accomplished yet unstructured and so on. But whyContinue reading “The Journey Of Starting Something New”

Getting Things Done

When things needs to be done, esp. in the face of lack of motivation (which is more frequent than the motivated ones), instead of pondering on how to get started, which task to start off with or wasting time waiting for inspiration to strike or the right state of mind, the following practices can helpContinue reading “Getting Things Done”

Adhering to Schedule

What is one of the most common trait associated with an army personnel? They are disciplined. They are stickler for rules, highly punctual and follow a very structured everyday schedule.  What about business tycoons? They have organized scheduled which they follow to the second in order to meet the demanding ask from each hectic dayContinue reading “Adhering to Schedule”

Reaching Goals

Reaching a goal requires hard work, focus and discipline. But prior to that, the one prerequisite that is most required for transforming a dream into reality is: GETTING STARTED. For many people, the dream of realizing their goals remain a dream because they fail to take the first step. And they fail because of fear.Continue reading “Reaching Goals”

The Art of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking refers to the ability to think through with clarity and sound rationale and being able to establish logical connections between the subject under consideration with different topics and ideas for arriving at an optimal conclusion. How to think critically? For starters, referring to the above definition, one can use the following tips asContinue reading “The Art of Critical Thinking”

Changing Perspective to Change What We Can Do

When we hit a wall when doing something, instead of giving up or getting the notion that we have reached your capability, a better way to deal with the situation is to change how we look at the situation. Let’s get to know this through a few examples: My daily workouts started with a targetContinue reading “Changing Perspective to Change What We Can Do”

Being Agile In Everyday Life

Agility and its benefits in different aspects of life is an oft-overlooked aspect. But before diving deeper into this topic, let us understand what the word “agile” stands for. Agile refers to the ability to move quickly with ease. Coming to our daily lives, being agile means different things in the different aspects. An agile bodyContinue reading “Being Agile In Everyday Life”

Being True To & As Your Reflection

The title can be broken down into two parts for better comprehension. Starting with the second half i.e. Being true “AS” your reflection Your mirror image is an untouched reflection of how you look, a reproduction of your physicality with all its beauty and flaw. It is an impartial and honest reflection of the personContinue reading “Being True To & As Your Reflection”