Learning To Get Bored Again

Getting bored nowadays is a rarity. With access to the world in our pockets (that’s the cellphones), there’s hardly anyone getting bored nowadays. While having something to be engaged with nowadays is a good thing, being engaged ALL THE TIME is not.  In our pursuit to be entertained all the time, we lost some habitsContinue reading “Learning To Get Bored Again”

Pushing Yourself To Do Hard Things

Those moments when things gets tough are the ones beyond which lay the potential for bringing about transformational change in a person. These moments filter the best from the rest and test the seriousness of one’s intention. But how to continue pushing oneself amidst all the challenges? Two things to keep in mind in theseContinue reading “Pushing Yourself To Do Hard Things”

The Notification Bane

When was the last time you sat down to concentrate on some work only to be distracted by the “ping” of your phone? Distraction by notification is an increasingly common phenomena with our rising dependence on our smart phones for almost everything. Notifications, esp. through mobile applications, have become so ubiquitous that it has unknowinglyContinue reading “The Notification Bane”

Deliberate Practice: The Art of True Mastery

Practice makes a man perfect The age old saying holds true for any one seeking true mastery of their craft. But for the crafts demanding a higher level of skillset, it is deliberate practice over mundane repetition of task that helps one to achieve command over that skillset in the first place. What is deliberateContinue reading “Deliberate Practice: The Art of True Mastery”

Microsoft Teams: The Cloud Office of Tomorrow

Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams had a quiet start. It was perceived as an visual upgrade to the ageing Skype platform rather than a potential new communication platform. Being used to Skype (despite the multitude of problems plaguing the users over the years), Microsoft Teams resided under the start menu, ignored and forgotten, in mostContinue reading “Microsoft Teams: The Cloud Office of Tomorrow”

Overcoming Creative Block

Creative blocks comes in many forms-some face writer’s block, others stuck in creative rut and so on. Being humans, we are prone to have our fair share of mental blocks. And this can be a serious challenge esp. for the artists and the innovators. How to beat creative block? To overcome the pull towards inaction owingContinue reading “Overcoming Creative Block”

Starting Something Of Your Own

People can start a side hustle with dedication and hard work. But scaling it up to a sustainable business-not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet the same people may be excelling at their regular job. Why is this a common occurrence? Why is a person not able to convert his/her skillset and passion into a sustainableContinue reading “Starting Something Of Your Own”

The Choice Of Work-Life Balance

The other day, a partner of one of the top 3 consulting firms (in the world) visited a campus for student interaction. One question naturally was “How’s work-life balance at your firm?”. To this, the lady replied: Consulting is a demanding job, opt for it only if you’re willing to travel constantly. And being oneContinue reading “The Choice Of Work-Life Balance”

8 Ways To Write A Better Mail

Email is a strange communication channel: In our childhoods, email is like an arcane science used by adults.  On joining college, it becomes an unintuitive, new way for notifications about upcoming classes. Once we join a profession relying on remote collaboration, it becomes an integral part of our lives. Upon retirement, it becomes a distantContinue reading “8 Ways To Write A Better Mail”