Sacrifice & Loss

When a thing or a person you love is forfeited intentionally by you, it is sacrifice. When something/someone you love is forefeited forcefully by circumstances, it is loss. In the path of growth, loss has to endured and braved through while sacrifice is required in certain aspects of life to achieve success. Sacrifice for aContinue reading “Sacrifice & Loss”

One Step At A Time

When a task seems too complex or a habit becomes too challenging to continue, we must never give up, NEVER. Because where pain lies is where the amateurs are chaffed away from the professionals and the winners. But the question that arises is how to stop feeling overwhelmed? Hoe to continue practising a habit inContinue reading “One Step At A Time”

Adapting Inspiration With Time

The best way to explain the title is what Star Wars, Star Trek and Back To The Future did for entire generations-they imagined and gave people food for thought of what the future can be. Imaginations were inspired, people began envisioning and this is what catapulted these series’ to stardom. Coming to the now, theContinue reading “Adapting Inspiration With Time”

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

An age old saying, all that glitters is not gold is highly relevant today as it always has been. With increasing complexity of the society around us, it’s easy to get distracted-distracted from our original goal, distracted from what we actually need and the story of distractions continue. And this is the primary reason whyContinue reading “All That Glitters Is Not Gold”

Life Long Learning

To keep up with the fast-paced world, we need to be aware of the ongoing trend and what’s to come. To have our skillset bear relevance for turning opportunities into profit, we need to train ourselves on a regular basis to meet the rapidly changing current and upcoming demands. And we have all been exposedContinue reading “Life Long Learning”

For New Changes, Go Linear

Today I was going through the onboarding of a new firm. One common observation across the well-established firms are their highly-standardized processes and practices to make the admin task frictionless. And the firm I joined has some of the most refined systems and portals in places-automated emails for guidance were triggered from time-to-time, their portalsContinue reading “For New Changes, Go Linear”

Thinking Fast & Slow

An idea is the basis for everything that exists today, the beginning of new discoveries and inventions. But an idea is extremely fragile, if not watered with thoughts properly, it withers away to oblivion. Progressing an idea to the next stage for fixating it into the depths of our minds requires us to flesh itContinue reading “Thinking Fast & Slow”

Days As Blocks Of Energy

Changing lifestyle requires changing perspectives in life. When it comes to daily life, or the aim to be productive each day, instead of trying to fill in the calendar to its brim or diving head long into the day without a plan, structuring the day basis our energy levels can help in coming up withContinue reading “Days As Blocks Of Energy”

Choice Of Inspiration

Who inspires you is a significant definer of your life choices as your actions, intentionally or unintentionally, tries to mimick the role model in order to be like her/him. While some people’s actions will inspire you involuntarily, for most of the time, the choice to idolize someone lies in your hand. But how? We idolizeContinue reading “Choice Of Inspiration”

Do What Needs To Be Done

To get what you want, you need to do what is required. No excuses. The only golden rule to adhere to: Your actions should not harm others. All the procrastination has to stop, all the low feelings has to be ignored, the hardships toiled through. At times, you just have to breathe in deep, buckleContinue reading “Do What Needs To Be Done”