Hardest Part of the Game

Greatness in life comes through grit, focus and consistency. Reaching the top requires sacrifice, it requires dedication to the craft, day in and day out, no matter what. Equally important is rest and recovery. In the pursuit of our goals, we cannot let ourselves be burnt out. A healthy and well-rested mind and body playsContinue reading “Hardest Part of the Game”

The Notification Bane

When was the last time you sat down to concentrate on some work only to be distracted by the “ping” of your phone? Distraction by notification is an increasingly common phenomena with our rising dependence on our smart phones for almost everything. Notifications, esp. through mobile applications, have become so ubiquitous that it has unknowinglyContinue reading “The Notification Bane”

Deliberate Practice: The Art of True Mastery

Practice makes a man perfect The age old saying holds true for any one seeking true mastery of their craft. But for the crafts demanding a higher level of skillset, it is deliberate practice over mundane repetition of task that helps one to achieve command over that skillset in the first place. What is deliberateContinue reading “Deliberate Practice: The Art of True Mastery”

For excellence, adopt the “Day 1” mentality

Disclaimer: I’m not aware of what “Day 1” mentality stands for within the Amazon culture, I’m using the name for it is in alignment to what I intend to describe and also “Day 1” sounds a lot cooler than “1st Day”. When someone joins a new institute or a new organization, they remain on theirContinue reading “For excellence, adopt the “Day 1” mentality”