Reaching Out To The World

When in pursuit of something, the first step to take is to reach out to the world proactively. Until this happens, the world will never come to you. What is meant by reaching out to the world? In your journey to achieve something, when faced with a distant opportunity or a challenge, it’s important toContinue reading “Reaching Out To The World”

Reaching Goals

Reaching a goal requires hard work, focus and discipline. But prior to that, the one prerequisite that is most required for transforming a dream into reality is: GETTING STARTED. For many people, the dream of realizing their goals remain a dream because they fail to take the first step. And they fail because of fear.Continue reading “Reaching Goals”

Changing Perspective to Change What We Can Do

When we hit a wall when doing something, instead of giving up or getting the notion that we have reached your capability, a better way to deal with the situation is to change how we look at the situation. Let’s get to know this through a few examples: My daily workouts started with a targetContinue reading “Changing Perspective to Change What We Can Do”