Decide on the Type of Life You Want to Live

Where we are born is not in our hands but how we want to live it is upto us. Following up our decisions with actions is the part that separates the one who live their dream life from the one who only dreams. And it is never too late to start working towards the lifeContinue reading “Decide on the Type of Life You Want to Live”

Be Bold & Considerate

Life is short, it goes by fast. Experiencing all life has to offer, in all shapes and sizes , needs proactivity from us. Proactive in being bold and decisive about seizing each opportunity. Some moments can be exciting, some challenging and some uncomfortable, but at each point, the mantra we need to hold on toContinue reading “Be Bold & Considerate”

Hardest Part of the Game

Greatness in life comes through grit, focus and consistency. Reaching the top requires sacrifice, it requires dedication to the craft, day in and day out, no matter what. Equally important is rest and recovery. In the pursuit of our goals, we cannot let ourselves be burnt out. A healthy and well-rested mind and body playsContinue reading “Hardest Part of the Game”

Consistency, Streamline & Cohesiveness in Daily Life

What makes an Apple product product product, besides its impeccable designs, are the intuitiveness of the products. But a second layer of characteristics, hidden under the design and intuitive layer, drive the overall focus on simplicity and ease of use home. The layer has three parts to it: CONSISTENCY of the UX throughout the software’sContinue reading “Consistency, Streamline & Cohesiveness in Daily Life”

Being Kind, To Yourself First

Kindness is a virtue only the strong can muster to practice in all circumstances. Being kind to people in all states of mind is hard but necessary because we never know what each person is going through. Yet kindness to others can be shown only if one is kind with oneself. Often ignored or misunderstood,Continue reading “Being Kind, To Yourself First”

Positive Use of Technology

What technology has brought about into our lives was unimaginable a few years back, lends incomparable convenience now and lays the groundwork for the future. And this pattern is perennial no matter at which point of time we view it from. So when talking about technology in our day-to-day lives, instead of mourning what wasContinue reading “Positive Use of Technology”