Getting Things Done

When things needs to be done, esp. in the face of lack of motivation (which is more frequent than the motivated ones), instead of pondering on how to get started, which task to start off with or wasting time waiting for inspiration to strike or the right state of mind, the following practices can helpContinue reading “Getting Things Done”

Adhering to Schedule

What is one of the most common trait associated with an army personnel? They are disciplined. They are stickler for rules, highly punctual and follow a very structured everyday schedule.  What about business tycoons? They have organized scheduled which they follow to the second in order to meet the demanding ask from each hectic dayContinue reading “Adhering to Schedule”

8 Ways To Write A Better Mail

Email is a strange communication channel: In our childhoods, email is like an arcane science used by adults.  On joining college, it becomes an unintuitive, new way for notifications about upcoming classes. Once we join a profession relying on remote collaboration, it becomes an integral part of our lives. Upon retirement, it becomes a distantContinue reading “8 Ways To Write A Better Mail”

Simplicity, a path to productivity

The surge in app-ification of services presents us with myriad options for any want and need in our lives. To set a reminder, we have a reminder app, to add something in a to-do, we have a to-do app and so on. In the face of such options, at times it takes us more timeContinue reading “Simplicity, a path to productivity”

Streamlining Communication

Any organization has multiple communication channels besides the traditional email and phone-there is MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, Slack and so on (let’s call it IM channels). While the intent is to boost collaboration for greater efficiency, the parallel presence of multiple IM channels only proves to be counterproductive-people do not know who uses whatContinue reading “Streamlining Communication”

Email Auto-Responder for Increasing Productivity

One of my clients has an auto-response set-up perennially for his email address i.e. whenever any mail is sent to him, the sender receives the same mail any day which goes like this: Dear Sender, I am currently unavailable and will not be responding to email. For anything related to invoices, please contact the Invoice Team at reading “Email Auto-Responder for Increasing Productivity”

2 Tips against Zoom Fatigue

Recent shift to a work from home (WFH) model has exploded the Zoom economy (i.e. exponential increase of online collaboration tool in an effort to replace face-to-face interaction). And with time, it has brought about Zoom Fatigue (it refers to getting tired from high frequency Zoom meetings). Here are 2 tips you can use toContinue reading “2 Tips against Zoom Fatigue”

4 Productivity Tips for Getting Things Done

For the days when you have too much on your plate (or not), the following tips may prove to be useful in getting more done within a shorter period of time: (1) Task Batching: Grouping similar tasks together improves efficiency of completing tasks. This is because it’s much easier to switch from one task toContinue reading “4 Productivity Tips for Getting Things Done”

2 reasons why I prefer Zoom over Teams?

With remote working in place, the necessity for virtual connect has increased drastically-Zoom and Teams surging are taking center stage in a normal work day. My clients use both in parallel. And it’s both a good and a bad thing (for my work system atleast). Lately, I’m trying to shift my virtual connects and remoteContinue reading “2 reasons why I prefer Zoom over Teams?”