Hardest Part of the Game

Greatness in life comes through grit, focus and consistency. Reaching the top requires sacrifice, it requires dedication to the craft, day in and day out, no matter what. Equally important is rest and recovery. In the pursuit of our goals, we cannot let ourselves be burnt out. A healthy and well-rested mind and body playsContinue reading “Hardest Part of the Game”

Sacrifice & Loss

When a thing or a person you love is forfeited intentionally by you, it is sacrifice. When something/someone you love is forefeited forcefully by circumstances, it is loss. In the path of growth, loss has to endured and braved through while sacrifice is required in certain aspects of life to achieve success. Sacrifice for aContinue reading “Sacrifice & Loss”

One Step At A Time

When a task seems too complex or a habit becomes too challenging to continue, we must never give up, NEVER. Because where pain lies is where the amateurs are chaffed away from the professionals and the winners. But the question that arises is how to stop feeling overwhelmed? Hoe to continue practising a habit inContinue reading “One Step At A Time”

Choice Of Inspiration

Who inspires you is a significant definer of your life choices as your actions, intentionally or unintentionally, tries to mimick the role model in order to be like her/him. While some people’s actions will inspire you involuntarily, for most of the time, the choice to idolize someone lies in your hand. But how? We idolizeContinue reading “Choice Of Inspiration”

Do What Needs To Be Done

To get what you want, you need to do what is required. No excuses. The only golden rule to adhere to: Your actions should not harm others. All the procrastination has to stop, all the low feelings has to be ignored, the hardships toiled through. At times, you just have to breathe in deep, buckleContinue reading “Do What Needs To Be Done”

Reaching Out To The World

When in pursuit of something, the first step to take is to reach out to the world proactively. Until this happens, the world will never come to you. What is meant by reaching out to the world? In your journey to achieve something, when faced with a distant opportunity or a challenge, it’s important toContinue reading “Reaching Out To The World”

Playing The Long Game

If the aim is to build a business or a product and GROW it sustainably into the future, the decisions should be aligned with these goals right from the get go. This means, all the choices made should be competent enough to cater to the present demands while potent enough to build on top ofContinue reading “Playing The Long Game”