Ingenuity of Apple’s M1 Chip

Apple’s recent transition to the M1 chip architecture is a technical marvel on many aspects. Keeping aside its many lauded features, two particular enablers this chips brings to the user experience that proves the genius of Apple in the consumer tech industry are: Instant Opening of Applications: Apps optimised for the M1 Chip architecture opensContinue reading “Ingenuity of Apple’s M1 Chip”

Positive Use of Technology

What technology has brought about into our lives was unimaginable a few years back, lends incomparable convenience now and lays the groundwork for the future. And this pattern is perennial no matter at which point of time we view it from. So when talking about technology in our day-to-day lives, instead of mourning what wasContinue reading “Positive Use of Technology”

Microsoft Teams: The Cloud Office of Tomorrow

Launched in 2017, Microsoft Teams had a quiet start. It was perceived as an visual upgrade to the ageing Skype platform rather than a potential new communication platform. Being used to Skype (despite the multitude of problems plaguing the users over the years), Microsoft Teams resided under the start menu, ignored and forgotten, in mostContinue reading “Microsoft Teams: The Cloud Office of Tomorrow”

Email Auto-Responder for Increasing Productivity

One of my clients has an auto-response set-up perennially for his email address i.e. whenever any mail is sent to him, the sender receives the same mail any day which goes like this: Dear Sender, I am currently unavailable and will not be responding to email. For anything related to invoices, please contact the Invoice Team at reading “Email Auto-Responder for Increasing Productivity”

The Macbook ahead of its time | Daily Blog. 01 May, 2021

When talking about the 12-in Macbook, the focus of discussion besides its brilliant hardware engineering, are the flaws that plagued it. The controversial butterfly keyboard was outright dismissed by many, complaining about its design-over-functionality approach and lack of tactility. The other complaint was the lackluster performance of the Intel m-series processors coupled with a fan-less designContinue reading “The Macbook ahead of its time | Daily Blog. 01 May, 2021”

4 Work From Home essentials for your health (for laptop users)

With most of the world shifting to a work from home model since the pandemic, people are exploring ways to boost productivity, prevent burnouts against lack of a defined work schedule and more. But one of vital yet often overlooked aspect is the impact of the work from home style on a person’s physical health.Continue reading “4 Work From Home essentials for your health (for laptop users)”

Lifehack #1: Unlimited email addresses with one Gmail account

Do you know you can have unlimited email addresses/ aliases against a single Gmail account? If not, it’s simple. If your Gmail address is:, then you can create unlimited email addresses using the following methods: Method 1: Appending any name, phrase etc. after your username with a “+” sign i.e. “xyz” here canContinue reading “Lifehack #1: Unlimited email addresses with one Gmail account”