Benefits of Writing Things Down

Writing something is an intimate process requiring deep engagement. So, when trying to remember things, writing helps us in retaining it better. Writing is meditative in nature. As such journalling proves to be a good practice for taking care of our mental health. Writing helps us gain better mental clarity by necessitating efforts into structuringContinue reading “Benefits of Writing Things Down”

Starting Something Of Your Own

People can start a side hustle with dedication and hard work. But scaling it up to a sustainable business-not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet the same people may be excelling at their regular job. Why is this a common occurrence? Why is a person not able to convert his/her skillset and passion into a sustainableContinue reading “Starting Something Of Your Own”

The Choice Of Work-Life Balance

The other day, a partner of one of the top 3 consulting firms (in the world) visited a campus for student interaction. One question naturally was “How’s work-life balance at your firm?”. To this, the lady replied: Consulting is a demanding job, opt for it only if you’re willing to travel constantly. And being oneContinue reading “The Choice Of Work-Life Balance”

8 Ways To Write A Better Mail

Email is a strange communication channel: In our childhoods, email is like an arcane science used by adults.  On joining college, it becomes an unintuitive, new way for notifications about upcoming classes. Once we join a profession relying on remote collaboration, it becomes an integral part of our lives. Upon retirement, it becomes a distantContinue reading “8 Ways To Write A Better Mail”

Discipline will take you places where motivation cannot

At different points in our life, an idea starts a fire within us, a fire that soon spreads and take hold of all our thoughts. At times, the scorch is so severe that we end up taking action towards realizing the idea with passion and zeal. And we are off to a good start. ButContinue reading “Discipline will take you places where motivation cannot”

To Learn Something New

Have you ever wanted to learn programming but got confused as to which language to start with? Or you wanted to start a new web page but could not decide on the service to opt for (e.g. WordPress, Square etc.).  In the face of options, we tend to have decision-paralysis and sidetracked from our mainContinue reading “To Learn Something New”

Hide-n-Seek at Stonehenge

A short story Julia walked in a queue along the circular, grass-laden path of the Stonehenge, its majestical Sarsen stones towering over her tiny figure. Her friend Maggie walked alongside her; the air was filled with excited murmurs of her classmates. Kate, the class teacher, kept shouting instructions about adhering to the prescribed walking formationContinue reading “Hide-n-Seek at Stonehenge”

Going After Our Dreams

Each idol of ours started with a dream, a dream that may have seemed like a distant possibility at one time but a dream that they were too passionate to be scared away from. What separated these individuals from the rest comes down to two main aspects: (1) They were too adamant and brave toContinue reading “Going After Our Dreams”

4 Ways to Practice Happiness

Happiness, like other emotions, is a transient state of mind. And that’s a good thing because just as we can practice controlling our anger or being a calmer person, we can also practice to be a happier person. Repeated practice forms a habit and a habit defines a person. Cultivating the habit of being happyContinue reading “4 Ways to Practice Happiness”